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Edge ES kindergarten students try their luck at catching leprechauns

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The Edge Elementary School Kindergarten students in Vicki Burger’s classroom tried their luck at catching Leprechauns earlier this week.

“Our Leprechaun Traps are a fun family project!” said Burger. “This activity incorporated many literacy skills as the children discussed, designed, and planned their traps before constructing them at home. They wrote about their trap design in their Writing Folders before construction, and then shared their ideas with their families.”

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Once all the traps were brought to school, each child explained how his/ her trap would attract a Leprechaun. Each child demonstrated his/her trap and explained what was used for bait.

Several children wrote notes to the Leprechauns: “Gold Ahead!” “No Leprechauns Allowed.” “Enter Here!”
“This year, we had a Leprechaun Hotel, a Leprechaun Bank, a Leprechaun Lounge, and many other buildings that a Leprechaun would be proud to inhabit,” said Burger. “Many were constructed of Legos, cereal boxes, large felt hats, shoe boxes, wood, oatmeal containers, and cardboard.”

The students set up their traps around the classroom and left for PE.

“When we returned to the classroom, many parents were waiting at the door to help us check our Leprechaun Traps.” said Burger. “Alas, we did not catch them, but they did leave us a note and some Shamrock cookies!”

The Leprechaun Traps are now proudly displayed in the Edge Elementary School Media Center for all to enjoy!


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