Local schools to continue offering attendance waivers for 2017-18


The ability for a parent to request an attendance waiver for his or her student will continue in 2017-18 under new guidelines required by Florida law (§1002.31, Florida Statutes).

Controlled Open Enrollment, as it is now called, allows a parent from any district in Florida to enroll and transport his or her student to any public school that has not reached capacity.  Certain students, such as dependents of active duty military whose move resulted from military orders, or students relocated due to a foster care placement, receive priority for seat assignment within a school.

Allowing parents and students to exercise choice when it comes to finding the right educational setting is nothing new in Okaloosa County. While students are initially assigned to the school in the attendance area in which they live, parents have always had the ability to select other school options through the district’s attendance waiver process as long as they provide their own transportation.

How do I know if I need to submit an attendance waiver application for 2017-18?

  • Submit an application only if you are requesting an attendance waiver to a new school next year outside of your attendance zone.
  • Do not submit an application if you are attending your zoned school next year.
  • Do not submit an application if you have an attendance waiver for the current year and you are returning to the same school next year.

How do I learn more about Controlled Open Enrollment?

Visit www.okaloosaschools.com and click on Controlled Open Enrollment.

  • Controlled Open Enrollment policy
  • Question and Answer document for families
  • School Capacity Report showing which schools have available seats for next year
  • An email address is provided on the webpage for parents to submit additional questions

When/Where do I submit an application?

  • Visit www.okaloosaschools.com and click on Controlled Open Enrollment.
  • If internet access is not available, parents may visit a school for assistance.
  • The open enrollment window for online applications runs through February 15.
  • Submitting an application through this site is quick and easy, and email notification of approval/denial will be sent to parents no later than February 20.

Are there any district schools that are not part of the Controlled Open Enrollment process?

The following schools are either Magnet programs or Centers schools and have separate criteria for admissions.  Please contact the school directly for enrollment information.

1.       STEMM Academy
2.       NWF Ballet Academie
3.       Silver Sands – ESE Center School
4.       Richbourg School – ESE Center School
5.       Southside Primary – Crestview PreKD
6.       Okaloosa Technical College
7.       Best Chance – North (ECCI-North)

Specific ESE programs located within a school that have been designated by the district to serve students from multiple schools are also not subject to the Controlled Open Enrollment Plan.


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