Ruckel Middle School celebrates student success on FCAT with pep rally

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Ruckel Middle School, an A+ school for thirteen consecutive years, started off the school year with an Academic Pep Rally on August 28, 2014, to celebrate student success on last year’s FCAT.

“We like to start off the year thanking the students and teachers for working hard and doing well in school and on the FCAT last year,” said Paul Whiddon, Ruckel Middle School Principal.  “We also like to promote, encourage, and challenge students to do even better this year.  We have a new challenge this year with the AIR test.”

The students who had perfect scores on the FCAT were presented with certificates.

“We have 34 students that received certificates and that does not include last year’s eighth graders,” said Whiddon.  “We were also honored today that Assistant Superintendent Marcus Chambers could attend.  I know our teachers and students were honored to receive his recognition.”

“To be an A+ school for thirteen consecutive years is something that does not happen by accident,” said Chambers.  “When you talk to Mr. Whiddon, it is not about being an A+ school, it is about the students; and it is about what our teachers are doing for each and every one of you to help you transition to high school and then one day college.”

Chambers went on to credit the students, teachers, administrators, and parents for Ruckel Middle School’s success.

“I cannot tell you how proud we are of Ruckel Middle School,” said Chambers. “Congratulations on being an A+ school.”

Congratulations to the Ruckel Middle School FCAT SUPERSTARS:

6th Grade Reading
Carleigh Cutbush
David Dye
Callie Russel
Kayla Yabui

7th Grade Reading
Seth Goodwin
Abigail Miller
Josh Oliver
Eshaan Sharma
Katherine Weiss

8th Reading
Stephen Dubben
Maximillian Gottschalk
Ian Gray
Hannah Hunter
Ellaina San Clemente
Olivia Tuckey
Hannah Vitt
Tucker Wolfe
Ella Wright

6th Grade Math
Todd Wendel

7th Math
Lily Kirila
John Richardson
Rachel Smith
Mikaela Ward

8th Math
Kenedi Mills
Sierra Moore
Kaitlyn Reiss

6th Grade Science
Kenzi Cook
Lillie Floyd
Shelby Godbee
Raymond Martin

6th Grade Science and Reading
Macy McClaren
Rafe Baum
Joseph Huisken

6th Grade Science & Math
Jonathan Ott

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