Monday, January 18



Lewis School hosts Kindergarten Fiesta

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Lewis School Kindergarteners recently enjoyed a “Spanish Culture” day sponsored by Bobbi Luna’s 8th grade Spanish students.

“At Lewis School, students in Kindergarten through 8th grade were able to share and enjoy cross-curricular activities that benefit both young students and older students alike,” said Luna. “On Thursday March 20th the Kindergarteners experienced Spanish culture by joining the 8th grade students for a special event called Kindergarten Fiesta!”

eye m.D. of Niceville

The fiesta was planned by Luna’s 8th grade students in Spanish I.

“The 8th graders planned the event and it included four learning stations,” said Luna. “The learning stations included: a station to have ‘una merienda’ (a snack), a station to ‘Make and Take’ a paper poncho, a story station where ‘Ricitos de Oro’ (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) was read in Spanish and acted out by the 8thgraders, and finally a dance station where the kindergartners were taught the ‘Mexican Hat Dance.’ All learning stations were color coded and the Kindergartners moved in small groups from one learning station to another! Fun was enjoyed by all!”


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