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Jessica Landry, Plew Elementary School, is Okaloosa’s Teacher of the Year

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NICEVILLE, Fla – Jessica Landry of Plew Elementary School has been named the Okaloosa County School District’s Teacher of the Year.

Landry along with the other finalists, Joy Robertson, Bluewater Elementary School, Megan Mueller, Fort Walton Beach High School, and the School Teachers of the Year, recently were honored and celebrated for their accomplishments in and out of the classroom and for the impact they each have made on the students they serve.

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In her ninth year of teaching and loving it just as much, if not more as she did the day she started, Landry, is a proud product of Okaloosa County Schools.

“I am fortunate to teach at my alma mater, Plew Elementary School, with some of the most transformative educators,” said Landry.

Jessica Landry Okaloosa Teacher of the Year Plew Elementary School Niceville

Jessica Landry of Plew Elementary School in Niceville is Okaloosa’s Teacher of the Year. Pictured with Superintendent Marcus Chambers.

“My passion for learning led me to earn my master’s degree, which allowed me to see education locally and globally after a trip abroad to China. This experience gave me a new appreciation for diversity in the classroom and meeting students where they are. I love seeing the ‘light bulb go on’ as my students make deep connections. I love being a part of this community and giving back in any way possible. I am even more blessed to be living my dream come true each day!”

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Landry is always researching and employing instructional methods that will intrigue and inspire her scholars.

“She has taught the gifted students at Plew Elementary School as well as our at-risk children with amazing results,” said Tammy Matz, Plew Principal.

“She is an informed stakeholder and productively supports and collaborates with her colleagues offering sound advice that will undoubtedly transform instruction and support. Ms. Landry is also in tune with her families. She is proactive in gathering data, work samples, and evidence of participation during instruction to share during conferences and meetings.”

Matz said Landry takes the time out to build a sense of community in her learning environment. She establishes norms and routines that are evident whether she is present or not.

“Ms. Landry has created an amazing learning environment. Her scholars are redirected silently with a purposeful glance. The student engagement in the class plays a huge roll in appropriate pacing and student interaction that all students benefit from,” said Matz.

Story By D. Buchanan, Okaloosa County School District

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