Flood debris removal begins Friday, May 9

Parker Destin for Okaloosa County Commissioner Dist 5

The April 30 flood debris collection for unincorporated Okaloosa County will begin on Friday, May 9, 2014. Only one pass will be made along public rights-of-way, so everyone must have their flood related debris out by noon. (There is no guarantee that the material will be picked up if it is placed on the right of way after 12 p.m.on Friday, May 9.) Pickup of storm debris in unincorporated areas will cease on Sunday, May 11.

Only flood-related debris will be collected. Normal garbage collection will continue in accordance with the rules that apply to your service area, provided that road is accessible to collection equipment.

When piling debris, residents are instructed to keep piles away from mail boxes, fire hydrants, TV/phone cable boxes, power boxes, parked cars and lift stations. Do not block traffic with debris piles! Debris should not be placed in the roadway. This could cause a traffic hazard and may be restricting passage for emergency vehicles. Debris should be placed on the rights-of-way with a minimum of 5 feet between debris and fire hydrants, mailboxes, parked cars and/or water meters/cable and power boxes.

Household hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, pool chemicals, oil, gas, batteries, etc.) will not be collected by debris haulers and must be brought to a drop-off location. Call 651-7394 for information.


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