Fireworks show generates positive comments

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It was another lovely Fourth of July in Niceville this year, and while there was some scattered rain during the evening, it certainly did not dampen the day or our community’s patriotic spirit.

Many thanks to the City of Niceville and all of the volunteers and contributors who make it all possible!

Here at Niceville.com, we have received a number of comments regarding the fireworks show. All were very positive. Some offered helpful suggestions for improving the show – those suggestions were largely directed at the music being played.

Below you will find some of the comments we received. Please post your own comments on our Facebook Page, as well.

“Loved the fireworks! Thank you!!!”

“Wonderfully done despite the rain.”

“It was awesome show. Thanks niceville !!!!#love#fireworks

“Was the National Anthem played……I did not hear it?”

“Awesome Show!!!”

“To the FINE FOLKS who completed all the hard work; smoking and cooking the Boston Butts, making all the wonderful baked sweets, operating the entire bake sale, organizing ticket sales, and just ALL of your special NICEVILLE CARE………………… KUDOS and THANK YOU!!! The Boston Butt has got to be the tastiest, most tender, leanest, BUTT, we have ever had! Thank you again NICEVILLE !!”

“Dear City of Niceville I have to say first thank you for putting a great fireworks display every year to celebrate the Independence of our great Nation! The issue I and I’m sure many other have is whomever is paid (or volunteers which I doubt) to put on the music during the fireworks should be made to understand that this community is made up of a lot of patriotic Americans who would like to hear patriotic music during the fireworks to celebrate our Countries Independence instead of the junk that has been played the last couple years. We are a community full of military Veterans (active duty and retired) and those members of our great city who are not military are just as patriotic as those who are! So how about next year we try to play music that fits the celebration of the day!?”

“Thanks to all whose support made our 4th of July celebration a joyous and safe day. Our firework display was exceptional. A special thanks to our first responders that looked after us to ensure our safety. I have one question but to ask, however, why was the National Anthem omitted from our celebration?”


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