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Pet Care: Keep your pets safe on Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner. As this fun and exciting night draws closer, it is important to take some precautions to keep your pets safe.

  1. Keep your pets indoors: Children and adults dressed in costumes can be very scary for our four-legged friends. Many dogs and cats have run away or bolted when they see people dressed up in all the outfits that we consider fun. Black cats especially are at risk this time of year from human cruelty and a misguided sense of appropriate animal interactions.
  2. Decorations: Many decorations can be dangerous for our pets. Fake cobwebs are very tempting to cats to ingest and can cause intestinal blockages. Open flames can also be knocked over from either over exuberant pets or scared pets.
  3. Candy: Nearly everyone knows that chocolate is toxic to dogs. However what many people are not aware of is how highly toxic and fatal the ingredient xylitol is (causing life threatening low blood sugar and liver failure). Xylitol is found in MANY candies, sweets and gums (especially the sugar free varieties). Only one piece of xylitol containing gum can be fatal to a 30 pound dog.

All it takes is a few moments for disaster to occur, so with a little thought and precaution even our four-legged friends can have an enjoyable and safe holiday!

eye m.D. of Niceville

Article by: Maya Chapman, DVM
Midbay Veterinary Hospital


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