First graders send care packages to military K-9s

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Amy Koch¹s first grade class at Lewis School, and Lewis Leader, Hattie Johnson, studied and collected items for the U.S. War Dogs Association.  OPERATION MILITARY CARE K-9, began in the year 2002 with sending care packages to US Military Working dogs and their Handlers.

All branches of the Armed Forces are utilizing Military Patrol Dogs specializing in Bomb detection. There are approximately 2800-3000 of these canines stationed around the world with their Handlers.

War dogs guard and protect Military Personnel as they are trained to do with Courage, Loyalty and Honor.

Today in Afghanistan there are 700 Military Service Dogs fighting with and protecting troops. They do everything from guarding posts and facilities to tracking the enemy to bomb detection and combat defense.

Koch¹s students collected over four boxes full of specific items needed for the K-9s and their Handlers.  The boxes will be shipped directly to Military Working Dog Teams deployed overseas just in time for Christmas.

“I feel the children deserve recognition for their efforts and all that they learned while diving into this service project,” said Koch.  “Tis the season of giving and we must remember to help those who protect our FREEDOM!”


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