Edge Elementary School’s safety patrol members go above and beyond

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Sabrina Squire, Jake Hill, and Levi Taylor, members of the Edge Elementary School Safety Patrol, have gone above and beyond their normal duty of working the car rider line every morning and afternoon.

Each has taken the time to not only learn EVERY child’s name that gets out of a car but also can identify them from their cars as soon as the car is in sight.  They greet every child and every parent with cheerfulness and interest.  They ask the children about their “Game last night” or whether they are “Ready for that test today” and then genuinely remember again later “How did you do?”

And, not just one or two kids but all of them take an interest in every child and make them feel special.

“We (the adults that work the line) were a little worried last week when they weren’t with us,” said Kelly Edelman, Edge’s Media Specialist/Webmaster.  “Deputy Moore had given them flag duty for the week and their absence was felt immediately.  These three could most definitely hold higher roles in the ‘Safety Patrol’ world, but they choose to stay where they are.  They enjoy making a difference in the lives of everyone they come in contact with.”


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