Work is finalizing on the latest store to arrive at Uptown Station.

Bippy’s By The Beach Frozen Yogurt will open next to Five Guys on Eglin Parkway, in Uptown Station new retail plaza.

Four years ago the Woolley’s oldest daughter, Susanna, moved to Destin, Florida with her husband and young family. She called home often to talk about how much she loved it. Her only real complaint was that there was no frozen yogurt. This became a weekly lament and finally she said, “Mom and Dad if we find a place, would you open a frozen yogurt store here?” The rest, of course, is history, and the first store opened in Pier Park, Panama City Beach in 2010. The name came from the one of the grandchildren’s first attempts to say Grampy which came out “Bippy”, and has become Grandpa Woolley’s name.

Bippy’s uses the highest quality products available and brings them to the Panhandle

all the way from Portland, Oregon. This product is actually cultured yogurt with live and active cultures, not cultured sprinkles in ice cream mix. YoCream makes nearly 70 flavors of yogurt, 53 of which are non-fat; these flavors rotate through the store 12 at a time. The self-serve concept means the customer chooses and serves his own yogurt, then selects from 24 fresh toppings. The customer also selects the portion size and therefore the purchase price because the product is sold by the ounce (44 cents per ounce).

Although the self-serve frozen yogurt concept is new to the Panhandle, the PCB locals have been quick to give it a try. As a result, Bippy’s has developed quite a following. Their friendly staff welcomes you with free samples and hopes you become a regular.

The Bippy’s crew is now anxious to meet the patrons of Uptown Station, and spread the love of healthy and delicious self-serve frozen yogurt to the people of Fort Walton Beach.