The North Bay Society of the Sword Fencing Club will be meeting to practice the art of fencing (or should we say sword fighting) at Niceville's Barefoot Yoga Studio every Monday and Wednesday afternoon starting at 3:00 PM. The only public fencing club in Northwest Florida will be instructing in foil, epee and saber as well as Stage and Combat Sword fighting. Beginners are very welcome. We invite you to come and learn about this great aerobic exercise for the mind and body (did you know a half hour of fencing loses an average of 364 calories). It is safe and suitable for everyone ages 7 to 70. The full 8-week Novice Course teaches all the basics of movement, attack, defense and strategy for $60. Club equipment is available for all swordsmen free of charge.For information on fencing classes please contact Robert Drake at 678-9190 or visit