Lawn & Garden Advice for Northwest Florida

Larry Williams, UF/IFAS Extension Agent for Okaloosa County, offers lawn and garden advice specific to Northwest Florida.

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  1. Florida pusley is a common, native weed

    by , 07-26-2011 at 09:57 AM (Lawn & Garden Advice for Northwest Florida)
    Florida pusley is a common lawn weed that can be difficult to control. Florida pusley is native to our state. It is a summer annual but perennial types of pusley may be found growing with Florida pusley, including largeflower pusley and Brazil pusley.

    In routinely mowed lawns, Florida pusley will have a prostrate, spreading growth habit. Plants produce noticeable white, tubular flowers that are clustered at the ends of branches. It reproduces by seeds.

    Florida pusley
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  2. Understanding fertilizer

    by , 07-26-2011 at 09:56 AM (Lawn & Garden Advice for Northwest Florida)
    The first thing to look for on a fertilizer container is the analysis. The analysis is a series of three numbers such as 16-4-8. These numbers show the guaranteed amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and always in that order.

    A fertilizer labeled 15-2-15 contains 15 percent N, 2 percent P and 15 percent K. A hundred pound bag of this analysis contains 15 lbs N, 2 lbs P and 15 lbs K. the sum of these numbers is 32 (15 lbs + 2 lbs + 15 lbs = 32 lbs). Other chemical