View Full Version : Twin Cities Hospital Receives Hospital of Choice Award

03-21-2010, 03:44 PM
Twin Cities Hospital has recently been selected as a recipient of the 2009-2010 Hospital of Choice Award from The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers. Recognizing the first hospitals with the Award in 2002, AAHCP annually evaluates approximately 400 hospitals for consideration of this Award.

The Hospital of Choice Award is designed to find America's most customer-friendly hospitals based either on an extensive application process, or by a secret review of a facility's public communication and staff interaction with customers. The process requires a review of six principal areas of consideration, including: Standards of Conduct, Performance Management and Improvement, Staff Development and Training, Systems of Communication, Good Citizenship, and Educational and Promotional Material available to consumers.

Twin Cities Hospital is one of 100 hospitals across the United States being recognized this year as a Hospital of Choice. Other recipients include Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD) and Georgetown University Hospital (Washington, D.C.). This award exemplifies Twin Cities Hospitalís ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service along with high quality, cost effective healthcare.

Twin Cities Hospital is located at Highway 85 N and College Boulevard in Niceville, Florida. For more information, contact Jenni Brunson, Marketing & Activities Manager, at (850) 678-4131.