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03-21-2010, 03:25 PM
“The Astronaut Take Over” is a multimedia, installation piece by artist Ej Neives. This installation will be a combination of painting, sculpture and wonder. The “The Astronaut Take Over” reception will be held at Full Circle Gallery on April 9thth, from 6-9 P.M., with the artist commentary at 7:00pm. For more information visit www.fullcirclefwb.com (http://www.fullcirclefwb.com/). The Takeover starts now!

E.J. Nieves is a visionary artist who uses the brush as an instrument of intrigue. Many of his works carry a journal-like feel as they portrait Nieves’ innermost thoughts throughout the surface of the canvas. He couples his words alongside fields of color, shape, line, and symbolism that can be seen in his graffiti-like, loose, and playful style of expressionism. Pollock and Warhol are among his most immediate artistic influences. Traces of pop culture can be seen in his work through journal entries which carry messages that are both politically and religiously charged. Nieves has a passion for dealing with the grave nature of being “stuck” or “trapped” in one type of art. Nieves says of his experiences as an artist “One has to understand change in order to impact.” He is using his brush and canvas to share these ideas and allow other to see how they can have an impact.

“The Astronaut Takeover”, AKA T.A.T., is the depiction of a universe that artist E.J. Nieves frequently visits in his mind. This is a place of controlled chaos, wonder, beautiful colors and an endless dialogue of visionary thought. Ej says “If I was the astronaut, then the canvas would be my space, and my brush my shuttle. If one can live their dreams outside the boundaries of everyone else’s black hole (which is regret, fear, hate, etc.) then you too, are an astronaut. The Takeover starts now…”

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