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03-08-2010, 04:48 PM
Great teachers adapt, not adopt and that is what we at Edge Elementary School are working on with our Leadership initiative this school year. We took on The Leader in Me process to help structure our school culture without it being just one more thing!

We started slowly, using the language of the 7 Habits, posters, explanations, and real-life examples. The student driven conversations come naturally as they look for the habits in literature, history, and their own lives. And it is working!

Principal Shelly Arneson said, “As I walk into classrooms, I can hear five-year olds say "Look, we're synergizing" while they work in cooperative groups. We are seeing less discipline referrals than in the last three years, and even students who do come up to the office for making poor choices can identify and write about where they need to "begin with the end in mind next time". The proof is apparent at Edge-----teaching and modeling leadership skills work. I can't wait to see what happens next!"
Our Leadership goal for this year is to get our students and staff members familiar with the 7 Habits, while adapting our existing culture to fit The Leader in Me, rather than making drastic changes to the great things we we’re already doing.

A shorter term goal to help our Leadership implementation is to raise the necessary funds for staff training and leadership resources. The Wisdom Wall was conceived as a fundraising effort to help finance the Leadership initiative and allow past, present staff, parents and students alike to leave their permanent mark at the school. Bricks range from $25 for a 4x8, up to $100 for an 8x8 with a tiger head on it. Companies can also order 8x8 bricks with their company logo for $100. A limited number of 16x16 black granite tiles are available for sponsorship. For more information please call the school on 833-4138, email us at edgeelementary@gmail.com (edgeelementary@gmail.com) or visit http://www.okaloosa.k12.fl.us/edge/wisdomwall.shtml (http://www.okaloosa.k12.fl.us/edge/wisdomwall.shtml).

Pictured 4th grade students Grady and Dakota synergizing.