View Full Version : SR 85 to SR 123 FlyOver Project Update, Feb. 18

02-18-2010, 01:21 PM
Construction crews plan to begin driving test piles next week for the SR 85/123 interchange upgrade. The large concrete piles will be driven near the intersection where the new flyover ramp is planned.

"Three test piles will be driven," said Ed Blackmon of Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc., the firm providing construction engineering and inspection services for the Florida Department of Transportation. "Driving the test piles will provide the construction contractor with information on subsurface conditions so that final production piles can be driven to the appropriate depth."

When all the data is compiled, construction crews will begin driving production piles. These piles will support the planned flyover ramp that will transport SR 85 northbound drivers up and over the current intersection to connect with SR 123.

A large construction crane will be assembled at the site of the pile driving work to hold the concrete pile in place. A diesel-powered vibratory hammer will drive the concrete test piles into the earth. The pile driving activities may result in temporary, minor noise and vibration impacts in the immediate vicinity. No impacts to traffic are anticipated.

The cold and rainy winter has created difficulties for the construction teams working on the SR 85/123 project. Weather conditions have resulted in some "lost days" where little or no work could be performed. Still, the project remains on schedule for completion in the Summer of 2012.

"Even with the cold and wet weather the construction contractor (Anderson Columbia) has kept the work on schedule and with few impacts to traffic," said Blackmon. "We all have our fingers crossed in hopes of nice weather for the remainder of the Winter and into Spring."

Workers create a template to fabricate the test piles.
Test pile cushions are fabricated in preparation for pile driving work.