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01-28-2010, 08:55 AM
Five Guys to open in Uptown Station

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the burger restaurant with a strong cult following, is set to open at Uptown Station in the spring.

The menu at Five Guys is simple: burgers, hotdogs, fries, veggies, grilled cheese sandwiches and beverages. The burgers are hand pattied daily and made to order with 100% American Beef that is preservative free and never frozen. The fries are whole potatoes, cut daily, soaked in water and then cooked to order in no-trans-fat peanut oil and may be ordered with or without Cajun seasoning. The rolls are shipped in fresh from the Five Guys bakery and do not contain fillers or artificial preservatives. Kosher hot dogs are served split and grilled plain, or topped with cheese and bacon.

Over the years it appears this place has taken in more than its share of praise for "juicyness" and "freshness." The Tampa Tribune even goes so far as to describe it as, “Heaven on a Bun.” The Washington Post proclaims, “(they are the) Willy Wonkas of Burger Craft.”

Beware of the smiling faces when the door swings open and you step into a well-lit dining room of people stuffing their faces and licking their fingers. Don’t be surprised when the cashier smiles at you and offers to explain the menu. Don’t feel guilty when you’re told you can have any topping on your sandwich at no additional cost. And don’t pinch yourself when you sink your teeth into a messy-looking bun and realize you’ve just bitten perhaps the best burger you’ll ever have. Kids? You have a family to feed? Well, get ready, because Five Guys is the most ‘Family Friendly’ burger joint you will ever patronize!

The owners of the new Five Guys at Uptown Station are so confident in their product; they’ve vowed to have it voted best burger in the panhandle. Why not? They’ve done it everywhere else they’ve been.
According to owner Blake Geoghagan, “Comfort food is where it’s at. Everyone enjoys a fresh-tasting, juicy burger,” Geoghagan says. “In fact we believe in total ‘freshness’ which is why there are no freezers on the premises. We use only high quality beef that is hand shaped at each store daily. And, inside the bags that help shape the barrier between the dining area and the ordering line are the actual potatoes that are cut daily, hand washed, and fried in 100% peanut oil.“

Five Guy’s Operating Partner, Andy Miller adds, that the opening of this first Five Guy’s restaurant in Ft. Walton Beach represents 55 new jobs for the community. Which Mr. Geoghagan notes, “doesn’t include the indirect economic impact brought about during the planning and construction of this new facility.” The selection of this location at Uptown Station on Eglin Parkway was chosen for several reasons; “it is central, there is a high volume of traffic along this strip throughout the day, and this is the most established and growing area in Okaloosa County” according to Geoghagan.

Geoghagan and Five Guys expect to see a great deal of success serving the Ft. Walton Beach market and they have already developed plans to open additional stores nearby and across the panhandle. At a time when restaurants throughout Florida, and across the country are being forced to close their doors, Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries is following through on an aggressive plan to expand its presence in North Florida which Geoghagan states is a testament to the strength of the Five Guys concept and the stability of the local markets.

Spokesman for Uptown Station, Crystal Beach Development’s Marketing Director Martin Owen added “We’re really excited to welcome 5 Guys to the Uptown Station Family and to the Heart of Fort Walton Beach”. Owen says that 5 Guys confidence in the Uptown Shopping District shows how dynamic companies are recognising that there has been a seismic and permanent shift in the trading demographics of the area. “ It’s simple” he said “ Uptown Station is THE place to be!”

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Hi, thanks for sharing info regarding opening of new fast food restaurant in uptown. seems this will turn soon into chain.